Smite’s 3rd Birthday – March 21-27, 2017

A look at SMITE’s 3rd Birthday celebration

Smite is celebrating it’s third birthday with a smorgasbord of activities during the birthday week. Each day brings something new, but there are also ongoing bonuses throughout the entire event. Here’s what you can find going on for the full duration:

  • 33% off gems across all platforms
  • Founder’s Pack is 25% off
  • Double Login Bonuses
  • A first win of the day during the week unlocks the Birthday Global Emote
  • A community skin contest (from the people that brought us Edgelord Chronos!)

Every day has something different going on. Here’s what the rest of the week looks like:

Tuesday March 21, 2017

  • 3x Worshipers – This has been extended through Thursday March 23, 2017 at 5 am EDT
  • Roman Pantheon Chest 25% off
    • 400 gems normally
    • Contains: Roman Pantheon Avatar, Colosseum Ward, Bizzy B. (Cupid), Bun Bun Nox, Hoot n’ Holler Bacchus, Rock-a-Bellona, BA5S┬áDrop Janus, Run.EXE Mercury, Vulcap’n Redbeard (Vulcan), La Roca Hercules, Season’s Spirit Sylvanus, Brynhildr Baccus

Wednesday March 22, 2017

  • 50% off Voice Packs
  • Hindu Pantheon Chest 25% off
    • 400 gems normally
    • Contains: Hindu Pantheon Avatar, Meenakshi Amman Temple Ward, Swagni Agni, Skaliwag Kali, Kumbhalayan Yeti Kumbakarna, Rock from Bisrakh Ravana, Lil’ Mana Vamana, Death Machine Bakasura, Pajama Party Kumbhakarna, Nature’s Guardian Rama, Orbital Strike Rama, Cangaceiro Vamana

Thursday March 23, 2017

  • 50% off purchasable Wards and Avatars
  • Greek Pantheon Chest 25% off
    • 400 gems normally
    • Contains: Greek Pantheon Avatar, Temple of Athena Nike Ward, Grim Weaver Arachne, Soldier of Fortune Ares, Recon Artemis, Uncle Zeus, Enforcer Athena, Diva Aphrodite, Elite Agent Apollo, Hellrider Chiron, Reaper Tech Thanatos, Grim Wraith Hades, iDusa Medusa, Blind Vengeance Nemesis, Dreadbeard Poseidon, Lil’ Red Scylla, Fallen Lord Chronos

Friday March 24, 2017

  • Unlock an Enigma Chest for each First Win of the Day (Max 9)
    • Enigma Chests contain non-exclusive items such as emotes, wards, avatars, voice packs, T2 skins, T3 skins, T4 skins, 3-day boosters
  • Chinese Pantheon Chest 25% off
    • 400 gems normally
    • Contains: Chinese Pantheon Avatar, Temple of Confucius Ward, Dark Lord Sun Wu Kong, Lunar Tango Chang’e, Grim Eclipse Hou Yi, Pool Party Jing Wei, Oktoberfest Nu Wa, Sun’s Bride Chang’e, Grim Horseman Guan Yu, Infinity Wave He Bo, Lord of the Amazon He Bo, Moon’s Groom Hou Yi, Fire Lord Ne Zha, Cyberpunk Ne Zha, Nu Horizons Nu Wa, Siege Engine Xing Tian, Demon Catcher Zhong Kui

Saturday March 25, 2017

  • Double everything
  • Mayan Pantheon Chest 25% off
    • 400 gems normally
    • Contains: Mayan Pantheon Avatar, Temple of Kukulkan Ward, Renegade Awilix, Nerd Rage Cabrakan, Chaacolate Chaac, Kuku Kulkulkan, Jag.Rar Xbalanque, Dark Whisperer Ah ┬áMuzen Cab, Galactic Invade Ah Puch, Shaolin Monk-ey Hun Batz

Sunday March 26, 2017

  • Earn 90 gems from completing three First Wins of the Day
  • Norse Pantheon Chest 25% off
    • 400 gems normally
    • Contains: Norse Pantheon Avatar, Viking Raider Ward, Pixel Buster Freya, Expelled Hel, Pandamonium Odin, Ragnatoskr Ratatoskr, Ski Patrol Skadi, Lord Slashington III, Joki Loki, Meltdown Sol, Blood Eagle Thor, King Ar-Tyr Tyr, Wyrm Slayer Ullr, Irezumir Ymir

Monday March 27, 2017

  • Earn a Cutesy Avatar Chest for completing one First Win of the Day (Max 1)
  • All Pantheon Chests 25% off
    • 400 gems normally
    • All chests besides Egyptian Pantheon Chest listed above
    • Egyptian Pantheon Chest contains: Egyptian Pantheon Avatar, Sphinx Ward, Duke Dan de Lyons Anhur, Chef’s Special Khepri, Harajuku Neith, Ra’merica Ra, Land Shark Sobek, Stargazer Anubis, K-9 Anubis, Covert Ops Bastet, Kawaii Pop Bastet, Life’s a Beach Geb, G.E.B.1. Geb, Scarlet Coven Isis, Buccaneith Neith, Frankenhotep Osiris, Madame Blade Serqet, Demonsoul Serqet,

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