EGF Retake: SPL – A SMITE talk show

I’m not a big podcast dude. For whatever reason, this is just a segment of media that I haven’t really gotten behind. With that said, the newest talk show/podcast from the Electronic Gaming Federation has been one I have started engaging with. In large part this is due to the fact it airs on Twitch on the EGF Channel and I can watch it on the official EGF YouTube channel. My Luddite shortcomings aside, this is a fantastic show.

It’s clear the hosts – EGF_LHS, eGrFreightTrain, GoreMiser – are all big fans of the game, but are not blind to the flaws of the game. Importantly, they are also not bitter or jaded about the game. They are level-headed individuals with specific opinions about the game – it’s past, present, and future – but they approach them in a respectful, intelligent manner. Each show features at least one guest, and open they have pro-players – as you would expect from a show about the SMITE Pro League – but they also feature Hi-Rez Studios employees. It’s just really nice to see a positive environment where people can discuss the strengths and flaws in an open, constructive manner.

I can’t say enough good things about this show, and hope more people give it a chance. If you have an hour and are interested in SMITE at all, check it out.

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