Tartarus and Valhalla: Season 4 Summer Split Week Two

A brief look at those heroes who have earned a place in Valhalla or have been condemned to Tartarus after Week Two of the SPL Season 4 Summer Split.

It’s that time again. The time when we take a look at the performances of the last week and determine which players were paragons of their kind, and which are simply so much ballast on the ships of their organization and team. This doesn’t necessarily go to the player with the best or worst KDA, damage, or another other specific metrics – instead focusing on the impact each player made with their team and their opponents. It is also not a permanent placement. A hero one week might be a goat the next. Things can change quickly, and mythology has taught us that heroes rise and fall in the blink of an eye.

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Condemned to Tartarus

This week didn’t see a lot of splits. That means a lot of chances for heroics and disappointment. It is with a sigh and frown that Jermain (Elevate – EU) and Shadowq (Flash Point – NA) join King Tantalus in his torment.

Jermain is an absolutely stellar player – and one half of the Bruiser Brothers lane that helps defines Elevate. While he has a penchant for overly aggressive play at times, it’s not usually difficult to follow his decision-making. The mistakes come from a place of understand, as it were. This was not the case this week. Jermain was out of position without a real purpose, and his engagements seemed to not have the necessary foresight to make them successful. The worst instance of this was when Jermain was escaping narrowly from a team fight gone awry, and he stopped mid-pursuit to attempt to kill Oracle Harpies, only to then stop a moment later to resume his flight. As you might surmise, he neither got the objective nor escaped with his life. It was a microcosm of the strange play on display by Jermain. Everyone has an off-week, and this was certainly one for him. Hopefully, he will see his way clear to recover going forward.

Shadowq doesn’t earn his spot this week thanks to his individual play – though all of Flash Point had a rough week – but rather due to his role as captain of a squad that consistently seems in flux and without focus. Rather than attempting to grow the team that put on a good show in relegations, week two saw the unceremonious dismissal of DanteLeFargo and the quick appropriation of Whalrus with little to no practice. While I do not claim to understand the inner workings of the teams, these sort of changes can either go very well or very poorly. In this case, it was obvious the synergy of the team was way off as a result of this change – leaving Whalrus to get bodied the entire game by a roster that was already announced to be undergoing some changes. It was just an awful look by the team in week two, and the ultimate responsibility for such rests at the feet of the captain.This has been an issue with Flash Point for some time, but that doesn’t mean it can’t turn around. They have it in them.

Enshrined in Valhalla

Without a lot of splitting, the chances for heroism were also increased. There were a few big games this past week, allowing further opportunities for heroes to show themselves. Two heroes rose to the occasion – Arrkyl (Team Dignitas – EU) and ScaryD (Luminosity Gaming – NA). May the two spend this week dining with those on the Isle of Blest.

While Arrkyl had a stellar first week as well, it was his play against Eanix that contributed to a Dignitas sweep in week two. Arrkyl ends up finding himself both alone in the long lane, and in a position to need to keep his head-level in situations where his teammates are going wild. Both Trixtank (Team Dignitas – EU) and Variety (Team Dignitas – EU) tend to be aggressive and impulsive, which is why having the cool and collected members is so important. Arrkyl managed to do just that. He kept his head about him facing off against a formidable duo in Funballer (Eanix – EU) and BigManTingz (Eanix – EU). While he was not as flashy as he was in the first week, his presence was no less impactful. Sometimes it’s not just about the team fights, but doing everything your team needs you to do to the best of your ability. This week, Arrkyl did just that.

Across the pond, Luminosity squared off against Monkey Madness – NA. ScaryD had a good Spring Split, but suffered a bit during the Masters LAN and in the first week of play. He faced off against the formidable rookie fineokay (Monkey Madness – NA) in the solo lane. While fineokay is an incredible player, ScaryD looked like an absolute monster. His Vamana is one we have seen in the past, but it looked great and was one we would likely see again. The zoning and pressure was key in allowing Mask to run wild and just do crazy jungler things. In game two, he took the opportunity to pick up an unbanned Bellona and do Bellona things. Fineokay had a worse experience in this game than the first, playing a badly outmatched Nike. After a few sets that were a bit shaky, ScaryD had the opportunity to make a statement and regain some confidence. He did exactly that during a week his team needed him to.

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