Patch 4.15: Corrupted Arena – Breakdown

A new adventure, hunter item changes, and some much need bear wrangling.

The third mid-season patch introduces us to an alternate to an existing game mode – predominantly to show off their evolving map technology. Beyond this, the patch focuses primarily on three areas: console improvements, item changes, and nerfing the bejeezus out of Artio. Spoiler Alert: she was more OP than she seemed on paper – shocker, certainly. Cynicism aside, there is a lot good here and the iterative design that comes with their delivery methodology is interesting to watch. The item changes are focused around reducing some of the tankiness of certain roles while simultaneously re-engineering the core hunter items. It should be really interesting to see how this all shakes out.

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New patch, new skins. There are a lot of them this patch as we have an active event in progress, will be getting a new adventure, and have two skins that will be chest exclusives. There are some bold choices this patch for skins, and there will be a lot of bigoted backlash for one of the choices. This is unfortunate, but it’s nice to see that Hi-Rez would expect such a thing and push forward anyway.

Summer of SMITE Exclusive Skins:

Each of these skins gives you a sand dollar for use in procuring the other Summer of SMITE content.

  • Fabulous Chiron: He’s a South Beach party pony with a love of slaying gods that is only matched by his love of men. It’s an over the top gay meme Chiron skin. As expected, some people are bigots and are freaking out over it. While the humor misses me – I’m not the target audience – I don’t have a problem with it. Why would people when you can just mute the player and not hear from it anyway? It doesn’t make any sense. The graphics all look stellar – the circle in particular – and I’m going to be picking it up because I want that Honey Bear Bacchus skin. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. If you don’t like it but what the Honey Bear skin, then don’t play it. You have the power, folks.
  • Sun-kissed Amaterasu: The mirror design looks great, and the auras all look stellar. Otherwise? Yep, that’s Amaterasu in a sun dress.

Corrupted Arena Limited Skins:

The Kulkukan skin comes natively with the pack purchase. The Skadi skin will be available behind the vault – for which a key is granted with the pack.

  • Dragon’s Rage Kukulkan: It’s black dragon Kukulkan. It’s neat to see a western dragon skin for him, and the effects look great. The only downside is his arms and legs are sorta goofy since they were add-ons. He sorta looks like a meerkat/dragon hybrid, at times. Still, it’s pretty rad.
  • Dragonkin Skadi: Skyrim Skadi, but without a Norse-sounding voice for some reason? It’s a great looking fire dragon-themed Skadi skin, and every part is fantastic except for the voice pack. If it had been new Norse-sounding lines, it would have been perfect. As is, it’s still excellent.

Chest Skins:

Two chest skins will be released this patch, as well – one for Artemis and one for Sun Wukong. These will almost certainly be separate chests – with Sun Wukong being added to the Gentleman’s Chest and Artemis being released into a smaller, 400 gem chest.

  • Moonlit Artemis: She’s a drow. I guess this is speculative fan fiction where Drizzt has a baby with Cattie-Brie and then inherits the bow or whatever. The lizard armadillo is fab, though.
  • Earl Wubert St. Kongfrey Sun Wukong: British imperialist in Raj-era India. This reminds me of the original Team Venture so hard. Yes. Yes. A thousand times yes.

Mastery Skins:

Sun Wukong Mastery skins. Yessir. Excite.


Not really skins, but there are so little each patch it’s not worth it’s own category. Amaterasu gets to dance.


Corrupted Arena

The newest adventure will be released in 4.15, presenting us with a twist on an old classic. The second-most insulted game mode (sorry, siege) will be getting a pit and perilous overhaul! Apparently, it’s the fault of those dastardly Mayans and Kukulkan. In this game mode, the arena changes as the game continues – with portals to the underworld opening, comets raining down, Kukulkan being a jerk, and a plethora of other complications. Here’s what comes with the bundle, should you purchase the adventure bundle:

  • Dragon’s Rage Kukulkan Skin (Limited)
  • Corrupted Ward Skin
  • Corrupted Music Theme
  • Corrupted Avatar
  • Gold Key
  • 2500 Arena Points and 2X Arena Points from all games played

Arena Points are a currency within the adventure that allows you to purchase chest rolls that will unlock SMITE content such as skins, favor, wards, avatars, announcer packs, and so on. Arena Points can be earned and spent by anyone who plays the adventure – not just people who bought the bundle. In a twist, you can outright spend gems to purchase more Arena Points in order to unlock things. In short – it seems like the company knows this is a light and barely different game mode and will be allowing people to just spend money to get stuff rather than play the mode – which is sure to frustrate a lot of people. Disappointing, to be sure.

The Corrupted Arena will run through patch 4.18 (September 26, 2017).


This patch’s Project Olympus updates are strictly console focused.

  • New controller options
    • Players can now select if they want LB+RB to fire their Ultimate from the settings menu.
    • Aim Acceleration and Controller dead zones can now be configured from the settings menu.
  • HUD Improvements
    • Players will now be able to see their stats (Power, Attack Speed, Movement Speed) on the main HUD.
  • Social Improvements
    • Provided an option to invite players to their party or to their friends list from the End of Match lobby.
  • Leaderboard Improvements
    • There are now points associated to the rankings on the god leaderboards. You will receive or lose points based on your performance and win-record with the god. This is the same as occurred on PC.
  • PC UI Improvements
    • Not a console improvement at all! Improves memory usage to optimize performance. Jinkies.


This section contains bug fixes and changes not related to gods or items.

  • Triumphant Chests: The descriptions have been updated to make it easier to understand what rewards are in what chests. This is a nice change, allowing people a bit more information on if they want to spend their favor or not.
  • Consumables: If you were dead, you could accidentally buy consumables while your consumable inventory was full, resulting in the gold spending with no item being purchased. Whoops.
  • Ranked Bank Time: The new bank time is 60 seconds, down from 90 seconds. This reflects the improved communication due to prior ranked changes.



The gold spooling has been increased from 8 to 10. Hooray for finishing builds faster without the need to buy extra gold items.


Mid Harpy xp rewards are decreased from 58 to 55. This is a reversion of a change from earlier in the season that was made to prevent snowball. This instead created a situation where the best start was always predictable and limited other options. It’s nice to see a reversion on a change – something Hi-Rez has been accused of being incapable of in the past.



  • Arachne: Night Crawler will now correctly deal damage when landing on NPCs that are not currently engaged in combat. Due to the leashing/agro mechanics of NPCs, this would often not trigger damage.
  • Artio: There were cases where Artio could no longer attack or use abilities. This has been fixed. Prior to the nerfs in this patch, this was probably the only way she lost matches.
  • Cú Chulainn: Vent Anger (berserk form) was sometimes not gaining scaling from physical power, and would sometimes tick an extra time.
  • Raijin: Fixed an issue where Charged Tempo‘s cooldown reduction would not benefit the ability used to trigger the cooldown reduction.


  • Evolved Shaman’s Ring: Ao Kuang’s wild storm would gain the bonus before it dealt damage. This is no longer the case.
  • Vampiric Shroud: No longer procs multiple times on certain abilities. This mostly dealt with abilities that had two components – such as Xing Tian’s root or Scylla’s crush.



Most of these changes address the strength of a few characters that were highly impacted from item changes in 4.14. Oh, and Artio is being nerfed – probably a tad too softly, but this should help. Artio was released in state that should never have occurred – and it wasn’t fun stomping everyone with her. She was just so strong. This should help, but we’ll see if it’s enough.


  • Energy Surge/Maul: The cooldown has been increased from 10s to 12s. This should lower her damage and sustain considerably. Of course, the scaling is still ridiculous, so it’s minor, especially since now you will be building CDR.
  • Entangling Vines/Ferocious Roar: This is a better, more targeted change. The cooldown now begins once the skill ends – rather than beginning when you hit the button. This is huge and much needed. Ferocious roar is also seeing a decrease in the amount of protections it provides per rank – which again addresses the survivability. The protections decrease from 10/20/30/40/50 to 10/15/20/25/30.


  • Bat Out of Hell: Camazotz’s changes saw him being a strong pick in both jungle and the solo lane. Part of that is due to bat out of hell being such a strong source of damage and avoidance. The change lowers the early damage, while leaving the late damage unchanged. The damage decreases from 140/180/220/260/300 to 120/165/210/255/300.


It turns out if you buff a god and change a bunch of core items for that god at the same time, the god ends up really strong. Freya sees two nerfs this patch – but the first is probably a bit of an overreaction.

  • General: Base attack speed decreased from 1 to .95. This is reversion of a previous buff.
  • Pulse: Bonus damage decreased from 30/40/50/60/70 to 25/35/45/55/65


A pre-emptive nerf because of the item changes and his insane early pressure. Not a big shocker, and an interesting shift in ideology to balance. Let’s give it a shot.

  • Astral Strike: The bonus damage has been decreased from 15/25/35/45/55 to 10/20/30/40/50.


Most of the item changes this patch can be described in the following ways: hunter item balancing – some buffs and some nerfs – and warrior item nerfs – particularly focused on defense and passives. The idea for hunters is to support a wider variety of builds – especially early power spikes and options. For warriors, it’s all about making them care more about build diversity and have to worry about their engagements.

  • Asi: As part of the attempt to strengthen lifesteal and bring it back into the hunter meta, asi has had its price decreased from 1750 to 1700 and its physical lifesteal increased from 15% to 20%.
  • Bloodforge: The lifesteal buffs continue, as the price decreases from 2850 to 2800.
  • Cursed Gauntlet: The price has been decreased from 1450 to 1400, which should help at least a little bit.
  • Deathbringer: At 3200, it was quite the luxury item. The price is being decreased from 3200 to 3000, which makes it more attractive – to be sure. Critical strike fell out of favor after all of the price increases, and the added important of penetration as the burst meta fell away.
  • Devourer’s Gauntlet: This is a fairly interesting change, increasing the general strength of lifesteal across the board after it has all but disappeared. It’s come back as the burst has decreased, but this should help a lot. However, this is going to make even further strides for more sustain. We’ll see how this plays out.
    • Cost decreased from 2050 to 2000 (see cursed gauntlet)
    • Physical power increased from 25 to 30
    • Physical power per stack increased from .4 to .5
    • Max stacks decreased from 75 to 70.
    • Completed physical power increased from 30 to 35, physical lifesteal decreased from 15% to 14%
  • Executioner: This change is a bold one. Executioner is one of the two items here that are built just about every game anyway, so it’s strange to see it buffed when this was the same issue with ichaival. Anyway, the physical power increases from 30 to 35.
  • Gladiator’s Shield: This item has been core on every solo laner since its buffs earlier in the season. This has become so core that everyone knew a nerf had to be coming. It just did so much, and the first person to get it would just dominate the other without help. The physical protections are being decreased from 45 to 35.
  • Heartseeker: Remember when this item was so good and it was core on all junglers and it ended up in situation where the meta was incredibly bursty, in part due to this item? Well, this item was not being built at all because of those nerfs. These changes are very reasonable and small, compensating for other changes and hoping to see some build variation emerge. The cost has been decreased from 2400 to 2300, and the power has been increased from 25 to 30.
  • Ichaival: This and silverbranch bow have been the premiere boxing and early power spike items in the game for quite some time. It just provides so much that hunters wanted – and with good reason. This is sort of the core nerf around which all of the other buffs are balanced.
    • Attack speed has been decreased from 30% to 25%
    • The passive has been decreased from 10 to 7 power per stack.
  • Obsidian Shard: This is seeing a price decrease from 2300 to 2150, placing it more inline with spear of the magus and other mage options. This isn’t as big of a deal as the titan’s bane reduction, honestly.
  • Poisoned Star: The critical strike chance increases from 15% to 20%, in a move to bring back critical strike. Oh boy.
  • Silverbranch Bow: The exact same changes as ichaival.
  • Shifter’s Shield: Let’s be honest, we all knew this was too good. In a huge move, the 15 base magicial protections on the item has been removed. The passive remains the same. This reduces the survivability granted by the item across the board – and more thought should be given to building into it. It’s still very strong, but the removal of the base protections is a good move.
  • Stone of Gaia: After this item being a counter-build item against certain gods – Ares, Xing Tian, Fenrir, Sylvanus, etc. – the item was deemed too powerful because those gods weren’t seeing enough play. The item was in a fine spot, frankly. It allowed you to build a different relic to start, and exchanged damage for survivability. Isn’t that the goal – having to counter-build and think about risk/reward? If anything, the cooldown should have just been increased to match purification beads or something. The new passive is just not good, and it’s obvious it was not given much thought. 10% maximum health regain over 10 seconds after being pulled, grabbed, knocked back or knocked up? Ok.
  • Titan’s Bane: The other penetration item that is often built – and one of the best objective items in the game – sees its price decreased from 2300 to 2150. This is to directly address the tankiness of characters.
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