SPL S4 Bracket Challenge – Now Open!

Complete a bracket and have a chance to win some SMITE gems! It’s like March Madness, but in January, and with SMITE instead of basketball!

Hello everyone,

Welcome to the fourth SPL S4 Bracket Challenge! This time, it’s for all the marbles – the SMITE World Championship. I’m getting the word out early due to the impending holidays, and to hopefully get some more participants. Like the previous Bracket Challenges, this is 100% free, and requires no registration or anything. For the first challenge, we had 17 participants, the second had 25, but the third only saw 20. Hopefully, we can get even more people involved this time around. Feel free to verify with the past winners (including Team Rival’s coach, AlphaJackal ) they have received their rewards. You can check the previous result threads on Reddit:


Super Regionals

Spring Masters

Spring Gauntlet


Winners will be based on the total number of points of the correct picks. The top three contestants with the most overall points will receive the following rewards:

  1. 8000 gems
  2. 3500 gems
  3. 2500 gems

Due to the base increase of prizes, there is now a tie-breaker – selecting the player you believe will be selected SWC MVP.

If multiple people STILL tie, the places will be filled from top to bottom and everyone that ties gets the rewards (If five people tie for first they all receive the first place prize, but none are awarded for second and third, etc.) The spirit of this encourages actual competition and not collusion. Let’s keep it fun.

Winners will need to send me their in-game names, but you do not need to do so until SWC has been completed. For console players, we can either figure out a solution, or you can receive a gift card for the amount.

Point Scoring:

You pick the overall set winner, overall set score (3-1, 3-0 in favor of your winner, etc) – when applicable, and the team that scores the most first bloods, most first gold fury kills, and most first fire giant kills. You can choose “split” as an option for any of the “most” categories – but please double check when you select split. If you select split and have the set going five games, that means one game sees no one get the objective.

All correct guesses are worth 1 for the placement and knockout stages, 2 for the quarterfinals, 4 for the semifinals, and 8 for the finals.

The placement and knockout stages are all single game sets, so there isn’t a score option for those games, and the “most” options are instead just firsts (first blood, first gold fury, etc.).


Here is the available information on SWC brackets: http://esports.smitegame.com/2017/11/29/hrx-smite-pc-and-console-brackets/

The placement and knockout sets are single games (Best of 1), quarterfinals are Best of 3 sets, the semifinals and finals are Best of 5 sets. eUnited and Team Rival attained first rank seeds for SWC due to their victories at Super Regionals, and will not have to play until the quarterfinals.

Teams that lose in the placement stage drop to the knockout stage.


Send me your picks for SWC via Reddit message or via email to WinklePinkleSmite@gmail.com. If you send a Reddit message, line breaks to make it easier to read are appreciated! An example of an easy to read format is:

Obey Alliance vs. Entity Gaming (Single Game/Bo1): Obey Alliance

First Blood: Obey Alliance

First Gold Fury: Obey Alliance

First Fire Giant: Obey Alliance

If you look at the spreadsheet linked below, I have included an example column filled out for easier explanation. The example in no way reflects what I will believe happen or anything. It’s just a quick example.

Entries are due by 23:59 GMT on Tuesday, January 2, 2018.

You can track everyone’s SWC choices here:

SWC Bracket Submissions

Winners should be announced by Wednesday, January 10 at the latest.

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