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Colin McLaughlin is an old man (in his 30's!), and is happily married with a wife and child. In his spare time he places video games, tabletop games, watches TV and movies, and writes a lot about all of them. You can find him writing at Tribality, and Standsinfire

Patch 4.25 – Warden of the Underworld: Balance Breakdown

A quick look at the newest god, Sir Fluffy of Spottington, and the minor adjustments we see before season five.

SWC S4 Retrospective

A look at the SWC that was, and what we saw on eUnited's path to victory.

Patch 4.24 – Frostfire: Balance Breakdown

A brief breakdown of the intended balance impact of SMITE patch 4.24: Frostfire, and a look at whether or not these goals are achieved.

Patch 4.23 – Rally to Rome: Balance Breakdown

A look at the balancing breakdown of SMITE patch 4.23: Rally to Rome, what the balance is trying to achieve, why it is occurring, and whether or not it is going to get the job done.

SPL S4 Bracket Challenge – Now Open!

Complete a bracket and have a chance to win some SMITE gems! It's like March Madness, but in January, and with SMITE instead of basketball!

Patch 4.22 – Passage to Egypt: Balance Breakdown

Looking at the changes in SMITE patch 4.22 and how they will affect the different metas.

SPL Season 4 Super Regionals – Dignitas and the Meta

A look at the rise and fall of Team Dignitas, and how we got the two divergent metas we did at Super Regionals.