Category: Patch Notes Breakdown

Patch 4.15: Corrupted Arena – Breakdown

A new adventure, hunter item changes, and some much need bear wrangling.

Patch 4.14: Ursa Major – Breakdown

A breakdown of SMITE patch 4.14 - Ursa Major. It's got a bear. That's cool if you like bears.

Patch 4.12: Divine Light – Breakdown

A closer look at SMITE patch 4.12: Divine Light.

Patch 4.11: Code of Chivalry – Breakdown

A look at what patch 4.11 offers and some opinions on the content and changes therein.

Patch 4.10: Trials of King Hercules – Breakdown

This week's patch brings us another SMITE Adventure. Unlike the last two, this adventure is much more expansive and in-line with the game play of SMITE. Instead of facing off against players, you face off against threats to the kingdom of Hercules and the city of Hercopolis. This is a purely PvE experience in the ...

Patch 4.9: Nine-Tailed Terror – Breakdown

A breakdown of SMITE patch 4.9: Nine-Tailed Terror.

Patch 4.8: Happy Trees – Breakdown

It doesn't feel like it has been two weeks, but it obviously has been as another patch cycle is upon us. The first patch into the Summer Split brings us...changes inspired by the professional players and their complaints at the Spring Masters. That's not entirely fair. It also brings us changes inspired by players who ...

Patch 4.7: Pillars of Success – Breakdown

As previously promised, this patch contains a new god and sees a plethora of changes across ranked, items, and gods. This patch marks the end of the Spring Split, and brings us that hot Summer Split action. I say hot because both Hi-Rez Studios and I live in Georgia, which doubles as the armpits of ...

Patch 4.6: Racer Rumble – Breakdown

Heading into the SPL Season 4 Spring Split Gauntlet and LAN, there are very few balance changes in this patch cycle. 4.5 saw the last second removal of rituals - which was huge - and a fair number of changes, so it's not really a surprise. The biggest changes here are fairly representative of some ...