Category: Summer Split

Patch 4.12: Divine Light – Breakdown

A closer look at SMITE patch 4.12: Divine Light.

Tartarus and Valhalla: Season 4 Summer Split Week 5

A look at the heroes who elevated their teams - and those who sank them - in SPL Summer Split Week 5.

Dreamhack Predictions and Summer Finals Power Rankings

A look at the teams and match-ups for the SMITE Season 4 Summer Finals at Dreamhack Valencia.

Tartarus and Valhalla: Season 4 Summer Split Week 4

Another week, another set of heroes and those who fell shy.

Week 5 SPL Predictions and Power Rankings

This just in: NA is still so unreliable it will make your eyeballs bleed. This also in: once again it's down to the wire to determine who is going to make it into the LAN for the split finals. Despite being a wild and crazy week, there was some pretty solid SMITE being played, with ...

Tartarus and Valhalla: Season 4 Summer Split Week 3

What a great week for viewers! There were some incredibly exciting matches to watch, and some great play within them. Unfortunately, there are winners and losers every week, and some players contribute more to both of those states than others. Who were the heroes this week, and who were those condemned to seek rebirth for ...