Patch 4.6: Racer Rumble – Breakdown

Heading into the SPL Season 4 Spring Split Gauntlet and LAN, there are very few balance changes in this patch cycle. 4.5 saw the last second removal of rituals - which was huge - and a fair number of changes, so it's not really a surprise. The biggest changes here are fairly representative of some ...

Ranked Play and You

A look at the problems of Ranked Play, and what you can do to change it.

EGF Retake: SPL – A SMITE talk show

I'm not a big podcast dude. For whatever reason, this is just a segment of media that I haven't really gotten behind. With that said, the newest talk show/podcast from the Electronic Gaming Federation has been one I have started engaging with. In large part this is due to the fact it airs on Twitch on ...

Week 6 SPL Results, Power Rankings, and the Spring LAN

The online portion of the Season 4 Spring Split has come to an end. I went 7-5 on the week, finishing a respectable 33-23 (59%) for the split. It ended not with a whimper, but with a bang. How big of a bang? Well, one day after a set that highlighted the problematic nature of ...

Patch 4.5: Celestial Voyage – Breakdown

With nary a blood sacrifice in sight, the patch notes have reached their zenith and the power contained within has been sent back to the worshipers via an infinite prayer wheel. The wisdom of eternity is our's for the taking. The insight of the cosmos is at hand. Come along and ride on a fantastic ...

Smite’s 3rd Birthday – March 21-27, 2017

A look at SMITE's 3rd Birthday celebration

Week 4/5 SPL Results, Power Rankings, and Week 6 Predictions

A breakdown of the latest week of the SPL, trend analysis, weekly awards, current power rankings, and predictions for the coming week.

Patch 4.4: Hunting Season – Breakdown

A look at all the content and changes in SMITE Patch 4.4: Hunting Season


A look at the historical myths of Cernunnos, and if the SMITE god matches the past.

Week 3 SPL Results, Power Rankings, and Week 4/5 Predictions

It’s times like this week that remind me that while some professional teams are better than others, that skill differential is usually shown over a larger set of games. When there is a small set, anything can happen. It also reminds me that eSports need better governance. Without stricter guidelines and improved transparency, it will ...

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