Week 4/5 SPL Results, Power Rankings, and Week 6 Predictions

A breakdown of the latest week of the SPL, trend analysis, weekly awards, current power rankings, and predictions for the coming week.

Patch 4.4: Hunting Season – Breakdown

A look at all the content and changes in SMITE Patch 4.4: Hunting Season


A look at the historical myths of Cernunnos, and if the SMITE god matches the past.

Week 3 SPL Results, Power Rankings, and Week 4/5 Predictions

It’s times like this week that remind me that while some professional teams are better than others, that skill differential is usually shown over a larger set of games. When there is a small set, anything can happen. It also reminds me that eSports need better governance. Without stricter guidelines and improved transparency, it will ...

Week 2 SPL Results, Power Rankings, and Week 3 Predictions

The early part of the season for any sport is always exciting. Some teams start to show flashes of brilliance, some are the steady hands from the previous season, some look sleepy but start to awaken, and other teams look like they forgot to add fuel to their jets and have resigned themselves to crashing […]

Week 1 SPL Results, Power Rankings, and Week 2 Predictions

The first week of Season Four of the Smite Professional League is officially in the books. My record for selections for the week (and season) is 6-2. The missed games come in the form of a major upset, and hedging bests against a team that looks like it is going to be a force to be reckoned ...

Smite Season 4 – New Player Overview

A primer for people new to SMITE and looking to get involved in Season 4 of the SPL.

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