Team Changes

EU Teams

Burrito-Esportslogo-squareBurrito Esports: Burrito Esports joined the SPL as part of the Season 4 Summer Relegations, beginning their run under their old name of Optimus Gang due to some shady sponsor shenanigans at the end of the Spring Split. The week of their first SPL game, Burrito Esports picked up the squad. Burrito Esports was forced through the Fall Split relegations, but returned to the SPL – placing first. Prior to the week 1 games of the Fall Split, Deathpanter left the team and FaraKrik – the team’s sub – took his place in the mid-lane. Following the week 1 games, FaraKrik was announced as the team’s official mid-laner. After the team placed 8th in the Fall Split and failed to make it through the gauntlet, Burrito Esports has installed Sanjo as the team’s new coach, and released the rest of the roster. The Season 4 team members will have high priority in re-trying out for the team, but their spots are no longer guaranteed.

Lion Guard EsportsLion Guard Esports: Beginning Season 4 as Team Dignitas, the roster was dropped prior to Spring Relegations and played under the name Novus Orsa – with some new members. Novus Orsa became Lion Guard Esports in Spring Split Week 2. Frostiak left the team before Spring Split Week 6, with Alexi (Rearward) joining the team as the jungler. Following its loss in the Spring Gauntlet, Duck3y  and Alexi left the team, and the team name reverted to Novus Orsa – due to the organization not paying the team. R3bound and Axioz joined as solo and jungler for the team for Summer Relegations, but the team did not retain their SPL spot. Since that time, the team has disbanded.

mouseesportsMouse Esports: BlizzardFX joined the team as the new mid to start Season 4. In Spring Split Week 3 N0Numbers joined as solo and Nulisa joined as mid. They remained as roster members from Week 4 onward. Following the Spring Gauntlet, Faeles left the team and Nika joined as jungler for the Summer Split. As of week 2 in the Summer Split, Nika has been replaced as jungler by Cherryo. Less than a week before the start of the Fall Split, nulisa announce she was leaving as the team’s mid-laner. Deathpanter took her place in Week 2 of the Fall Split, with MrSt3fan filling in for Week 1. After losing in the quarterfinals at SWC, Deathpanter was removed from the team, and N0Numbers left the team to serve a term in the Israeli military. Prior to the start of Season 5, the team was picked up by Mouse Esports, with BigManTingz taking over the mid lane, and Nika joining in the solo lane.

NRG_LogoNRG Esports: NRG went into Season 4 without any roster changes, following some uncertainty with Dimi returning. The team stayed together through the end of the Summer Split. Prior to the Fall Split, ManiaKK took over the solo lane from Dimi, and Dimi moved into a coaching role – taking over the job from Gorgonzola. After falling in the semifinals of SWC 2018, it was announced iRaffer was no longer the captain and support. The following day, EmilZy was announced as the new support.

Obey_1000x1000 (1)Obey Alliance: Prior to the start of  Season 4, Obey Alliance parted ways with Frezzyy (PandaLike) as a support and Variety as their solo laner. EmilZy took over the support role, while ManiaKK claimed the solo lane. Following their defeat in the semi-finals of the Summer Split, ManiaKK left the team for a role in the solo lane with NRG Esports. Shortly there after, Xaliea joined the team to take over for the departed solo laner. Following a defeat in the semifinals of SWC 2018 to eUnited, EmilZy left the team as their support player. A few weeks later, iRaffer was announced as the team’s new support.

PapisThe Papis: The Papis joined the SPL as part of the Season 4 Summer Relegations, placing first in the Summer Relegations. Following the end of the Summer Split, Ojoboom – the Papi’s mid-laner – retired from the SPL. MrNazer joined the team as their new mid-laner. The Papis endured Fall Relegations, returning to the SPL. Following a close loss to NRG in the Fall Gaunlet, MrNazer left the team.

Sanguine EsportsSanguine Esports: Prior to the Season Four Spring Split, TheDarkDodo moved to solo, Nika moved to ADC, MiketheMagikarp joined as jungler, MrSt3fan joined as mid, and Deathpanter joined as support. In Spring Split Week 5, Nika and MiketheMagiKarp role swapped. For the Spring Gauntlet, MrSt3fan left the team, Baas joined as ADC, Nika move to solo, Deathpanter moved to mid, and MiketheMagikarp moved back to jungle. MiketheMagikarp and Deathpanter left after Spring Gauntlet, with Alexi and Cherryo joining. Sanguine was relegated as in Summer Relegations. The team has since disbanded.

SKGamingSK Gaming:  The team name changed from Valance Squadron to Eanix prior to Season 4 Spring Split Week 6. Xaliea and Cherryo left the team following Eanix’s losses in the Spring Gauntlet. Duck3y and Faeles joined the team as solo and jungler prior to the Summer Split. Following the S4 Summer Split, Eanix dropped the SMITE team due to issues with Hi-Rez Studios. The team went back to their old name of Valance Squadron. After failing to qualify for SWC 2018, the team parted ways with their coach, Nika, and their support, BigManTingz. Just before the start of Season 5, it was announced that SK Gaming had picked up the team, and that Badgah had joined as the team’s support.

Team-Dignitas (1)

Team Dignitas: Prior to Spring Relegations, the old Dignitas roster was dropped and the Open Bracket team “Variety’s New Team” was signed prior to the Season 4 Spring Split. The old roster went to play under the name Novus Orsa.

300px-TeamRivalTeam Rival: Name changed from Cyclone GG to Team Rival prior to S4 Spring Split Week 6.

NA Teams

Counter Logic Gaming: Counter Logic Gaming returned to the SPL in Season 5, announcing a roster comprising Jigz as support, Snoopy as ADC, Hurriwind in Mid, Homiefe in the jungle, and fineokay in the solo lane.


eUnited: Originally beginning Season 4 under the name Enemy, the name change took place prior to Spring Split Week 3. At the same time, the solo-laner Eruzies left the team, and Benji joined the team. After a disappointing showing at the Spring Gauntlet, Varizial left the team – only to rejoin prior to the Summer Split under his old name of Scream, with PainDeViande leaving the team, instead. PolarBearMike has joined the team as the new support, with Khaos becoming team captain. Following the S4 Summer Split, Khaos left the team for a programming position at Hi-Rez. Prior to the start of the S4 Fall Split, Venenu joined to fill the vacancy left by Khaos in the middle lane.

FP-AVAFlash Point: After a disappointing S4 Spring Split – and turmoil within the organization – Incon, Aquarius, and XenoTronics left the team. S4 Summer Relegations saw DanteLeFargo join as solo, Sheyka as mid, and sops as ADC. The team successfully defended their SPL spot for the S4 Summer Split. After very underwhelming play through three sets, DanteLeFargo left Flashpoint half way through week 2 of the S4 Summer Split, with Whalrus taking his place. Prior to week 3, ManRay took the place of Sheyka in mid. Following the S4 Summer Split, mirage and Whalrus left as the team’s jungler and solo laner, respectively. Flash Point was relegated to the Challenger Cup after being defeated in S4 Fall Relegations.

Luminosity-Logo_300x300Luminosity Gaming: After placing third in the SWC 2017, Luminosity’s dropped Xenotronics as a mid-laner and picked up Baskin – who role swapped from the solo lane. This roster remained unchanged for the S4 Spring and Summer Splits, despite losing in the quarterfinals of each split’s LAN. Prior to the S4 Fall Split, ScaryD left the team as the solo laner, and Aquarius took the role. After a disappointing SWC 2018 performance, Mask left the team. A few weeks later, it was announced the entire roster departed, as well. Less than two days before the official start of Season 5, the team announced its roster of NotGeno as support, Clout (formerly known as Vetium) as ADC, Keegsmate in mid, Weak3n in the jungle, and Kikisocheeky in the solo lane.

2016-Noble (1)Noble Esports: After jettisoning its Season 3 roster, the Season 4 team entered the Spring Split with a lot of hype. After failing to perform to these expectations, Uzzy and ElChapo left the team after the S4 Spring Gauntlet. Aquarius and Copebby joined the team as the new solo and jungler for Summer Relegations, and helped the team successfully defend their SPL spot. Post-relegations, Copebby left the team, and Skeeledon joined in the role of jungler. Prior to the Fall Split, Aquarius left the team, and Whalrus re-joined the team in the solo lane. Further, MLC_Stealth retired from professional SMITE and was replaced by Moswal in the mid-lane. Following an unsuccessful Super Regionals, Whalrus left the team, and was replaced by fineokay. Shortly thereafter, Wubbn was kicked by the rest of Noble Esports, and was replaced by Neirumah. A few weeks later, Noble Esports released all of their players.


Spacestation Gaming: Spacestation Gaming began the season as Monkey Madness seeing some unexpected early S4 Spring Split struggles, culminating in Week 3, when Benji left the team last minute and the team was unable to compete against eUnited – the team that Benji joined. Fineokay joined the team in Week 4 as the new solo laner, and the team saw renewed vigor for the rest of the split, before seeing some backsliding in the S4 Spring Gauntlet finals and in the Spring Masters LAN. Prior to the S4 Summer Split beginning in earnest, SoaR Gaming dropped sponsorship of their SPL team. The team was renamed Monkey Madness shortly thereafter. Prior to the start of week 4, it was announced Zapman joined Monkey Madness after talking only a single week off after leaving Team AI (Team Eager). This was incorrectly announced early. Before their week 4 game, Monkey Madness announced they had been picked up by Spacestation Gaming. However, prior to the start of the S4 Summer Split, Vetium left as the team’s ADC. In the Fall Split, Zapman joined as the team’s ADC. After a disappointing end to the season and failing to make SWC 2018, homiefe and Zapman left the team. However, after SSG was confirmed for Season 5, it was announced Andinster returned to the jungle, Aquarius joined in the solo lane, Baskin in mid, jeffhindla as the support, and BaRRaCCuDDa as the ADC.

splyceSplyce: Splyce joined the SPL heading into Season Five. The inaugural team contained Aror as the support, Cyclonespin as the ADC, Thebest in the middle lane, Yuji in the jungle, and Divios in the solo lane. Prior to the start of Season Five, Yuji left the team and Cynosure joined in his place.

Allegiance_DarkTeam Allegiance: Season 4 began with ALG locking down their team for a one-year contract. While a great idea, the idea was quickly dashed as PolarBearMike left the team for “personal reasons” prior to the Spring Gauntlet. ViviaNx3 joined as the teams new support for the Gauntlet, but left before the Summer Split – Neirumah took his place. Prior to the Fall Split, Team Allegiance stopped sponsoring the team, as the organization folded. Before the first games of the split, the team announced an intra-team role swap – Oceans taking the mid-laner position, and Metyankey returning to his role as a hunter. On September 1, it was announced the organization had re-signed the SMITE roster, and is again part of the SPL. After the completion of the Season 4 season, it is uncertain if the organization will remain in the SPL. With uncertainty in the air, the team has not retained any of their players.

ailogoTeam AI: Despite ending the Spring Split as NA’s #1 seed, and advancing to the Spring Masters LAN semi-finals, Team AI – then playing as Team Eager – made changes going into the Summer Split. Divios , djpernicus, and JMarvalz – the team’s sub and coach – left the team following the Spring Masters LAN, but Divios returned prior to the Summer Split. Sam4Soccer2 has joined Team Eager as their jungler for the Summer Split. After week 2 of the Summer Split, Zapman stepped down as captain of Team Eager. Zapman will be taking a hiatus for the Summer Split. Aror was made the captain, though the organization will no longer be sponsoring the team. Before the start of week 3 games, Xenotronics joined as the hunter, and ElChapo joined as the jungler. Team Eager took up the name Team AI prior to week 3 of the Summer Split. After failing to make LAN and ending up in Summer Relegations, Divios left the team as their solo laner, Thebest left as their mid laner, and Aror left the team as captain and support. The team no longer has any of the members that started the season. Prior to Fall Relegations, Incon joined the team in the support role, Tmoney joined in the mid role, and Whalrus joined as the solo role. Team AI failed to return to the SPL for the S4 Fall Split, being defeated in Fall Relegations. The team has disbanded.

AMightyStormTeam Cryptik:  Starting the S4 Fall Split under the name A Mighty Storm, the team placed second in the Fall Relegations, securing a spot in the SPL. Prior to the week 3 games, ViviaNx3D kicked all other members of the team, and replaced them with Fineokay as Solo, Sam4Soccer2 as jungle, Shadowchair as mid, and Vetium as Hunter. After a poor showing in week three, ViviaNx3D announced his “retirement” from professional SMITE, and was replaced with Genocide. Following a disappointing run in the S4 Fall Gauntlet, fineokay left the team as their solo laner.

SPLgatekeepersTeam Vigilant: SPL Gatekeepers joined the SPL after winning Fall Relegations. Prior to the week 1 games, Moswal – the team’s mid-laner – left the team and joined Noble Esports. ManRay took his place in week 1 and week 2. After roster check-ins, but before games were played, ManRay left the team as their mid-laner during week 3. AkillaTheHun joined in his place. Prior to week 4 games,  the team became sponsored by Vigilant Esports. The day before the first games of week 5, Grave announced he was taking a break from competitive SMITE, and Mirage joined the team in his place as jungler. Following the end of the S4 Fall Split, the team had a falling out with Hi-Rez, and is no longer an SPL organization.


Trifecta Gaming: Joining the SPL through Open Brackets, Trifecta Gaming began life under the name In Memory of Gabe, and had an up and down Spring Split. They were briefly known as Carbon Six prior to the Spring Gauntlet, but left that organization when it was folded under Most Wanted – an organization the team did not want to play under. Following the Spring Gauntlet, Whalrus has left the team as solo laner. Meerkat – the Spring Split sub – was briefly the solo laner for the team, but now remains as a back-up, as the team picked up Kikisocheeky prior to the Summer Split starting in full. In Memory of Gabe was picked up by Trifecta prior to week 4 beginning. Following losing in the quarterfinals in the Summer Split, Eonic has left the team and stepped away from SMITE. Following the NRG Invitational, Aror joined the team to take over the support role. After SWC, the entirety of the team’s roster was released. Heading into Season 5, the roster announced was Zapman as ADC, Neirumah as Support, Metyankey in Mid, Mask as Jungle, and ScaryD solo.

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